Top Row: Stepho, Bryan, Julie, Jane; Bottom Row (including arm rests): Peter, Maeve, Tim, Annie, Zane (me), Trevor, Rob

I had the incredible fortune my freshman year on college to live in the same dorm community -- the nerd fest that was the Honors Residential Community (HRC) -- as almost all of the people in the above picture. There are plenty more great friends I have that lived in the HRC, but everyone above was here last Friday.

Julie, Peter, Maeve, Tim, Annie and I (as do WB and Tom, who were around a lot but not the night of this picture) all live here while Stepho, Bryan, Jane, Trevor, and Rob were all visiting. For over ten days we all got to relive a little bit of college and remember how lucky we all are to know each other.


  1. This does my heart some good. :) See a good half of you in just over a month! (Julie, your hair looks so cute!)

  2. Agreeing with Kate: liking the new do, Julie!